LA Food & Wine 

Instagram and Foodie Photos: A Match Made in Heaven


LA Food & Wine is a four-day epicurean event showcasing the finest food and drink in Los Angeles presented by celebrated chefs and wineries. The festival spans two city blocks in Downtown Los Angeles with the magnificent Walt Disney Concert Hall serving as the backdrop. Thousands of people attend the event to mingle, drink amazing wines and sample a myriad of tastes prepared by celebrity chefs. Sponsors such as Lexus construct pop-up brand experiences to engage and interact with festival goers.


Team One (Saatchi) retained Nifty on behalf of Lexus to create digital activations for the Lexus lounge experience. Social media participation was used to drive brand awareness online and at the event. Food photos have become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to Instagram — so much so that there are terms dedicated to the practice such as food spotting and food porn, as well as sites using the phenomenon to track public health based on food photos uploaded to social media.



Leveraging this trend, we used our CrowdPix platform to create a real-time, animated view of Instagram photos curated under a Lexus-specific hashtag. People could explore the stream of photos by touch and then vote on their favorites. This proved to be a delight to festival goers. Many posed in front of the screen to have their photo taken with their Instagram photo displayed on the touchscreen.



Behind the scenes we tracked several metrics including the total number of photos curated over the lifetime of the event, the number of unique interactions, votes per photo, and other social activity metrics to demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign. Moderation tools were also given to the team on-site to remove any inappropriate photos, but proved to be unnecessary with all Instagram photos reflecting the positive spirit of the event.


In addition to the Instagram photo activation, one of the primary goals was to provide an engaging registration system for people to register their name and email with the brand, as well as provide the capabilities to generate a Lexus incentive certificate to those who are interested in purchasing or leasing a Lexus.


Building upon our EventBot registration platform, we created a dynamic touchscreen registration experience. User registrations were processed in real-time and event goers received an email almost instantly upon completing the registration process.



By combining social media engagement with an in-person digital experience, we were able to drive foot traffic and increase participation both online and offline. This presents valuable opportunities for brands to connect with their audience in-the-moment and continue the conversation online, creating a more personal relationship between people and brands.