Lexus Crafted

Engaging Fan Photos for a Product Launch


Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is “The best car show in the world,” as stated by comedian and car aficionado Jay Leno. Every August about 200 of the most prized collector cars in the world roll onto the fairway at Pebble Beach Golf Links to compete on historical accuracy, style and technical merit. Concept cars and prototypes are presented on the upper lawn and luxury brands such as Lexus set up pavilions to present their newest models. Thousands of enthusiasts come to admire the cars and the beauty of Pebble Beach.



For the 64th annual event, Lexus was set to introduce The Crafted Line - special editions of the 2015 model year. The vehicles would be on display within the Lexus pavilion providing a chance to experience The Crafted Line in person.


The primary goal was to generate early interest for the new model line. To serve this goal, an Instagram hashtag contest was created to encourage car aficionados to photograph the new vehicles and post the photos on Instagram using a Lexus-specific hashtag. This hashtag was publicized throughout the Lexus space.



Utilizing social media to create brand experiences amplifies the brand story outside of a one time event.


A common problem with event-based hashtag campaigns is that without visualization they don’t feel grounded to the event. The experience only lives on the small screen of an individual's smartphone, and only if they take an active initiative to open their social media app and search for a specific hashtag.


In order to overcome this hurdle and increase local participation, Nifty was retained by Team One to provide our CrowdPix social visualization platform. As Instagram photos were posted using a Lexus-specific hashtag, our platform displayed the images in real-time. This digital integration served to amplify the announcement of The Crafted Line over social media and increase overall participation as a result of people seeing their Instagram photos displayed in real-time on the big screen.



Our work with Lexus shows how social media integration into live events with place-based media presents big opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience in-person and to use social media to share the experience with others.