US Pro Challenge

Enhancing the Lexus Pop-up Experience for Cycling Fans


The USA Pro Challenge is one of the largest cycling events in the United States. For seven consecutive days the world’s top athletes race through the Colorado Rockies. Each host city sees thousands of spectators line the streets to cheer on the riders. Race sponsors, such as Lexus, present pop-up brand experiences at each host city to engage fans.


Nifty was retained by Team One (Saatchi) on behalf of Lexus to find new ways to engage and activate event goers with interactive experiences installed within the Lexus pop-up experience. Our primary goal was to provide a user registration system to capture people’s attention, compelling them to interact with the screen. Touchscreen registration kiosks had been used for past events, but they had always been very utilitarian and not engaging.



Building upon our EventBot registration system, we deployed a floor-standing touchscreen kiosk that included dynamic, animated cycling imagery to grab the attention of people who walked by. Layered on top of this video were live, real-time updated poll questions integrated directly from Twitter. The integration with social media served a dual purpose: to attract and engage people who walked by the kiosk, and to extend the reach of the pop-up experience to a worldwide, online community.



We worked with Team One to create social media poll questions that were relevant to bike culture and the race event to create an authentic connection with the audience and drive online conversations. We also created a dedicated responsive website that aggregated all the poll questions into card views, allowing people to vote on their desktop machine or mobile phone and see real-time updated poll results per question.


On the touchscreen experience, as soon as a poll question was answered fans would be presented with the chance to register with Lexus in order to receive an incentive certificate towards the purchase or lease of a new vehicle. An instant-win contest was also added to the registration process. Every hour, four random people were awarded with an “instant winner!” screen and received a prize from a Lexus representative.



Using real-time data, we can dynamically change content over the course of a campaign to make messaging relevant to the moment.



In addition to the kiosk, we developed an interactive video board that included cycling data from the popular Strava app used by cyclists to record real-time data about their performance. Event goers used the touch screen video board to sort, find and view rankings of cyclists using data provided by Strava.


Overall, our work with Team One and Lexus for the USA Pro Challenge proves that technology can enhance pop-up brand experiences. Place-based digital experiences unlock important new tools for marketers to connect fans to social media channels and digital experiences that continue past an event.